New Home Renovation Mortgage

Helping Vancouverites buy real estate that they really love

Vancouver’s New Renovation Mortgage

In today’s market where supply is extremely limited, it’s a known fact that great properties sell with ease. But not all properties are beautiful works of art. Instead, they look like this…

Renovation Mortgage

From a limited supply of quality homes, to difficulties with mortgage approval and now reduced loan amounts – buyers today have it rough. That’s okay though, because we have solutions. Instead, what if we were to take that not so nice property and turn it into this….

Renovation Mortgage

And on top of that, what if the bank paid for it?

We know you’re looking for that dream home that checks all the boxes: location, views, amenities, the perfect kitchen and bathrooms, new floors and fixtures. But often that dream home is $100,000 more than your budget, or worse – $100,000 more than you can qualify for. This means to find a home within your desired location, the only option is an older home in desperate need of repairs.

If you are….

  • Looking for a new home but can’t afford the high prices
  • Set on a particular area in Vancouver, but the area only has older homes in desperate need of repair
  • Searching for a fixer upper, but only have enough for the down payment
  • Getting outbid in our competitive market
  • Waiting until the market slows down
  • Or just saving money, waiting for that perfect home

Then Vancouver’s New Renovation Mortgage could be the answer you’ve been looking for. We’ve taken the CMHC Purchase Plus Improvements Program and completely revamped it in order to solve these all too common problems. Allow us to reintroduce Vancouver’s New Renovation Mortgage – our solution to help Vancouverites buy real estate that they really love. Through this exciting new initiative, we will:

  1. Design, renovate and finance the entire process with our building partner Alair Homes – an opportunity you won’t find anywhere else!
  2. Take care of you and your needs – See our testimonials here
  3. Hand you a fully renovated, move-in ready home that looks like it’s worth $600,000 but for a price of only $500,000

Please note we will be financing the renovation on our own with our partners at Alair Homes, who can only support so many renovations at a time. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting program!